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Global Path Consulting is a Canadian consulting firm that is dedicated to delivering comprehensive immigration, education, business and settlement advisory services to clients worldwide. Founded in 2009, GPC has consistently upheld the “We CARE” principle, focusing on realizing clients’ goals, delivering exceptional service, and enhancing the customer experience. The four pillars of the “We CARE” principle

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    Canada proudly embraces a multiculturalism policy, fostering a vibrant tapestry of diverse ethnicities and cultures. Our nation treasures the richness that comes from this multicultural mosaic and warmly welcomes immigrants from all corners of the globe. In fact, immigrants contribute to over half of Canada's population growth, showcasing our open arms and inclusive spirit. Come join our diverse and welcoming Canadian family!

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    Popular Colleges

    The following four colleges are committed to providing international students with unique pathways to further their education in collaboration with top universities in Canada. University Transfer programs offered by these colleges primarily focus on helping high school students adapt to the new university learning environment and prepare them for a seamless transition to university in the future.

    Best Universities In Canada

    Being a developed nation, Canada takes pride in its advanced education system and institutional framework, which is widely acknowledged and highly respected globally. Canadian degrees hold great value and many universities rank among the top 1000 worldwide. With a well-established and comprehensive education system that spans from early childhood to higher education, Canada truly excels in providing quality education. It's no wonder that Canada is a sought-after destination for students seeking an enriching learning experience.

    In Canada, the most popular professions are often the ones with strong employability and higher salaries.

    Here are some of the most sought-after and well-paying professions in Canada:

    1. Management Sciences
    2. Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
    3. Finance
    4. Pharmacology
    5. Geosciences
    6. Software Engineering
    7. Business Administration
    8. Specialized Engineering
    9. Nursing
    10. Civil Engineering

    When it comes to finding jobs in Canada, the following professions are known for having excellent job prospects:

    1. Finance
    2. Actuarial Science
    3. Accounting
    4. Information Technology (IT)
    5. Engineering

    Additionally, there is a demand for professionals in certain fields, which are considered "in-demand occupations" in Canada. Some of these occupations include:

    1. Registered Nurses
    2. Truck Drivers
    3. Skilled Teachers
    4. Business Management Analysts
    5. Software Engineers or Designers

    These professions are often sought after due to their contribution to the Canadian economy and the availability of job opportunities.

    Toronto Private Schools:

    • Appleby College - Oakville, ON - Co-Ed
    • Bayview Glen - Toronto, ON - Co-Ed
    • The Bishop Strachan School - Toronto, ON - All-Girls
    • Branksome Hall - Toronto, ON - All-Girls
    • Crescent School - Toronto, ON - All-Boys
    • Crestwood - Toronto, ON - Co-Ed
    • De La Salle College Oaklands - Toronto, ON - Co-Ed
    • Fieldstone Day School - Toronto, ON - Co-Ed
    • Greenwood College School - Toronto, ON - Co-Ed
    • Havergal College - Toronto, ON - All-Girls

    Great Vancouver Private Schools:

    • Collingwood School - Vancouver, BC - Co-Ed
    • Crofton House School - Vancouver, BC - All-Girls
    • Little Flower Academy - Vancouver, BC - All-Girls
    • Mulgrave School - West Vancouver, BC - Co-Ed
    • Southridge School - South Surrey, BC - Co-Ed
    • St. George's School - Vancouver, BC - All-Boys
    • St. John's School - Vancouver, BC - Co-Eds
    • Stratford Hall - Vancouver,BC - Co-Ed
    • Vancouver College - Vancouver, BC - All-Boys
    • York House School - Vancouver, BC - All-Girls
    • West Point Grey Academy - Vancouver, BC - Co-Ed




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